Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Predictions for Today

Obama: Maryland, Maine (all), Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii.

McCain: West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska (all), South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Alaska.

Contested Senate Seats:
Democrats: Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Alaska, New Hampshire, Oregon, North Carolina, Minnesota.
Run-Off: Georgia
Republicans: Kentucky, Mississippi

House Seats:
Democrats: 255. Republicans: 180.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Presidental Election Stuff

From Electoral-Vote.com:


I like this map a lot.

How could I have hope back in 2004 with a map like this?:


I think Obama will win North Dakota and Montana. I think he will also come closer than expected in West Virginia. I wish I lived in a swing state this year. :-)

And another mochary of Governor Palin.


Good night

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Attempted Break-In

I went over to the rental property on Thursday to put a ridge vent on the roof to slow down the dry rot of the plywood under the shingles. A gasket fell off the roof, I went down to the ground by the back laundry room door to retrieve it. I found the lock cylinder of the knob on the ground. I went out to Lowe's, got a new lock, and waited for the Prince George's County Police to arrive. Yet again, I got a rookie with a FTO. We have a suspect from the neighborhood, someone that the tenant's son knew. At least I have confidence that they will follow up with the person of interest because the rookie needs to learn.

Tim and I painted his dining room walls and woodwork too. It turned out great, a significant improvement over the oak stained wainscot. Now it's untinted white high gloss, with the chair rail and baseboard his unique gray color he picked out. The plaster is painted antique white. It is very appropriate for his house. However Kelly is not convinced the gray is the best color. Friday night I was able to get up there and put the first full coat of joint compound to detexture the ceiling in the bathroom. It already looks like a significant improvement, though its slow to dry. On Saturday I put up the curtains in the guest bedroom and installed some of the mortise locks upstairs and for the kitchen door. Then I stopped by Capitol Hill to do an inventory of the things left over from the complex, to give to the trustee, to determine where the remaining property will be distributed to. The last building goes to settlement on Thursday or Friday. Everything will need to be cleared out by then. I also have a few minor tasks to do around there before shutting the place down. I plan on giving letters to each of the tenants at the three buildings thanking them for being great people to work with. Small things like that can go a long ways for background check purposes.

Monday is a follow up interview with the chief judge for one of the District Court Commissioners positions I applied for. This is a great step in the right direction. I just need to track down my passport or birth certificate to prove I am a US Citizen. I also have to take my drivers license, social security card, and all my degrees. Unfortunately they are in frames, but I think they can work though that when I get to the interview.

And lastly, my low tire light came on in the Accord, and with my mom in tow, I went to the dealership to chew them out. They *finally* after a year of trying, found the problem. A black nail was in the tread. They plugged the tire. Hopefully that will last 50,000 miles, because I am not in the mood to have to buy two new tires early because of it. Hopefully they can figure out why the transmission is shifting so poorly. It even has spread to a stopped shift to reverse.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wow, nearly a month gone by!

This past month has been nothing like any others. Some epic fail and a few other good moments too.

I have had two interviews for District Court Commissioner positions in other counties. Both seemed to go well and the administrative commissioner that did the first interview said that she would be shocked if I did not get offered one of the five positions I put in for. She also seemed really helpful and interested in spreading the word to the other counties about my qualifications. When I went in for my second interview, a ghost from the past appeared. After being introduced to the administrative commissioner, I was introduced to the duty commissioner who was a classmate of mine at the University of Baltimore. Considering that her and I got along very well in school, I have a gut feeling she will vouch for my integrity.

I wrecked my truck twice in six days. I rear ended someone. I backed into a tree. Epic fail.

Sunday will be my last day maintaining 601. The settlement is Monday morning. I was depending on another week at work because of the damages to the truck. 402 goes to settlement October 31st. So I probably will have two days at Capitol Hill after Monday. However I have some work up in Northwest DC at Phil's building, plus Tim needs me to finish his house, and my parents have a few more small projects at their rental property which is now vacant. The vacancy caused a major problem: Someone gutted the A/C compressor for the copper. The Prince George's County Police came out, a rookie with a FTO. The FTO used a lot of colorful language to describe the situation.

I traveled to Deep Creek for the Autumn Glory celebration. Everything up there went well, and on the trip I hand delivered my application for the District Court Commissioner position up there on the way up. That was a much needed relaxing five days.

I helped Maryanna celebrate her 28th birthday last night. On my way home I stopped by the Super WalMart in Glen Burnie for milk and swirl bread. I walked out with a Wii Fit too. They had them in stock. I plan on getting it set up. I've also started going back to the gym, and even made a point to go to the gym twice up at Deep Creek. I've been maintaining a steady 5.7 MPH on the treadmill, increasing the amount of time I run each day or two, so I can get back up to agility shape. I am thinking I may end up trying for law enforcement positions again sometime next year. Plus it seems to be making my left ankle feel better, especially since driving the Honda irritates it.

Speaking of the Honda, the dealership still cannot duplicate the 3rd gear shifting problems, nor locate the leak in my tire. They replaced the power drivers seat track again when I was up at DCL, and it still seems like it is binding sometimes. I bought a Honda to have a reliable car, but these three issues still cannot seem to get resolved. I plan on putting the car into another dealership to get these things fixed.

Also does anyone think that the Maryland State Police recruiting billboard on Russell Street in Baltimore is an obnoxious waste of taxpayer money? They would not even need one if they had a more reasonable psychologist giving their psychological tests. And worse yet, right now the MSP has a hiring freeze making this even more of a waste of money.

Oh and Barack Obama seems to be turning more and more red states blue. The epic fail of Wall Street has brought America to its knees. I just hope that there are no late October surprises. I plan on posting more on the election later, when I can dedicate more space to the topic.

Well, I guess this gets everyone caught up on whats going on.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is Senator McCain Governor Palin's Bitch?


I need to figure out how to embed the video.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

What could have gone wrong?!?!?!

Rumor on the street was that I was going to be hired for the open District Court Commissioner slot.

Well, the rumors, were just rumors. Everyone that had inside information said "What the hell?" when I told them I had not got the job.

Since my last post, I finally met up with a US Park Police officer I have talked to online since 2000. In eight years, we never could get our schedules to line up right to meet up. He was even the person that gave me the right contact information to schedule the ride along that I enjoyed so much. Lately we have been texting and instant messaging each other, and we both happened to have a few free minutes, so we met up. He seemed to be a good guy, loves his job, gave me hell for not getting myself back to agility shape to apply to his agency, and whatnot. I told him I thought I was going to get hired by the District Court Commissioner and he was proud of me for finally making a step towards law enforcement.

Freddy and I went to the University of Maryland vs. California game at Chevy Chase Bank Field. Kelly's parents sold me the tickets for half face value because they had to go to something else, and Kelly was already working at the game. What was really annoying for me was the fact all the Troopers kept saluting Freddy, because of his rank before he retired from the MSP. It was already starting to annoy me a little bit, because of my MSP epic fail story. But then Freddy kinda rubbed it in my face making a comment about it. It put me in a bad mood for part of the game, until I saw a ghost from Christmas past. Above the section we were sitting in, was my Lieutenant from when I was an intern for the Park Police. I went up and talked to him for a few minutes, then he had to step away when his radio went off. I had expected him to have retired from the Park Police by now, but he told me he was staying on to max out his pension and time it so he retired around the time his wife, who is also a Lieutenant for the MSP, would turn in her badge. Grrrrrr, another MSP reference. At the end of the game I went over to the section where Tricia, Dan and Jessie were sitting and talked to them for a few minutes. Afterwards, Freddy and I went to Costco to get some random things he needed, and then he took me out to dinner at Jaspers in Greenbelt.

On Monday I cleaned out the remaining stuff in two of the vacant apartments and sent it up to Dan and Tricia's place in Tacoma Park. They were glad to get the dressing armoire, dresser, bakers rack, two random metal beds, a surge protector, light bulbs and a few other random odds and ends. When Tricia got home from class, the three of us went out to the diner in Silver Spring. When we returned, the broke the news to me that they were getting married! I was so excited for them, I knew that it was getting to be time. The funny thing was I kept joking with them about name changes and whatnot earlier in the night.

On Tuesday I got the letter that shocked the nation.

On Wednesday, I went to work, depressed, but worked enough to do what needed to be done.

Thursday I left to go up to Deep Creek Lake. I took it easy all weekend, going out to the new Microbrew off Sang Run Road. It was good. On Sunday some friends were having a cookout at their place. I got super drunk, made an ass of myself, including throwing up all over the place. My chest is still sore a few days later.

Tuesday at work I met with some staff from 4th Presbyterian Church to give away some of Adam's stuff. I'm kind of disappointed that I was not given the chance to ask for any of it, especially since I have given seven years of my adult life working at the complex. What is worse yet is the tools may be given away to the church, a few of which I have borrowed many times in the past to do side jobs.

Today before I went to work I filled out paper work for a few other District Court Commissioner positions that are open. Too bad two of them are contract and at will, but it would be better than being unemployed. They were working on the roof too when I got to work, so I finally will be able to fix the ceiling in Joe's apartment next week.

I dropped my car off at the dealership before I went to Deep Creek, I picked it up tonight after work. They finally fixed the leak in the tire (it was the tire pressure sensor), ordered the parts for a second fix of the drivers seat, and could not duplicate the problem with the gearbox. I'm getting really frustrated with the 2-3 upshift grinding problem.

Starting October 1st, my parents rental property will be vacant again. We are going to do some repairs, but not as extensive of a refurbishment as last time. Hopefully my parents can get it re-rented quickly so my mom can buy a new car. Also my sister and brother invited me to go to Las Vegas with them in early November, so I am looking forward to getting four new states (and unfortunately only four new counties) while I am out there. At least I will be able to clinch I-15 in Nevada and Arizona. :-)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rembering Deputy Sheriff Jason Matthew Baker, #232

We will never forget.

Jason, even though our friendship was only online, and we never got to meet in person, I'll always remember you.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why do people like Sarah Palin so much?

I have no answers. But this article in CQ Politics really does a great job of explaining some key differences between the tickets

Political Insider - Obama versus Palin

Take it with a grain of salt, because it is coming from the left, but I doubt very many Republicans can disagree with the strict facts on this one.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is why...

This is one of many reason I am opposed to using photo enforcement of traffic laws.


My friend Brett had a similar ticket mailed to him by DDOT in 2001 when DC's photo speed enforcement program started. The camera clocked him at 113 MPH on Wisconsin Ave NW near Tenleytown.

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Monday, September 08, 2008

11:11 on my mind

It's 11:11 AM.

It's nearly been a month since I updated my blog last. Tim had a house rewarming party a couple weeks ago. The house was not done, the upstairs hallway needed some remodeling, the bathroom needed it's textured ceilings smoothed off and cracks patched, and the dining room finally painted. But the rest of the house turned out fantastic.

After the party, I went up to Western Maryland for a few days. It was too cold to ride the jet skis, and I ended up giving up after a hour or so. It was a nice relaxing weekend however.

Labor Day weekend, Tim, Dan, Tricia and I flew to Chicago for Justin and Symi's wedding. Friday night we went to a catered light dinner at Symi's mom's condo in Water Tower Place. On Saturday, there was a rehearsal dinner that everyone was invited to. This included a top shelf open bar and a six course meal. Sunday was the actual wedding, which was in a pavilion outside of the Harris Theater. Monday was a brunch at Symi's mom's condo. This was the wedding of a lifetime, something I probably will never see again in my lifetime.

On Thursday I went for a follow up interview with the District Court Commissioner's office. I think I hit it out of the park. I normally give a very good interview. I know I did better than I did back in June.

As far as the political season this year, I think the Democrats are in for a rout this year. Also, Sarah Palin is a basketcase that was not fully vetted. Yes, she is firing up the conservative base that previously was unenthusiastic. However, she may drive moderates towards Obama, or other third party candidates. Also the fact that Electoral-Vote.com shows that Obama is in the lead in North Dakota. Who would have ever thought that a Republican candidate would be in trouble in North Dakota or Indiana? This is going to be an interesting election, to say the least.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

At Least It Ain't You...

Last week my truck was broken into in front of Tim's house in Baltimore. My guess is it was the neighbor we refer to as "Jail Bait". They took my maglite, two CDs (specifically Steely Dan - The Royal Scam and Rick Astley - Greatest Hits), and a belt that Tim had just bought at Mens Warehouse. No damage was done to my truck, which means either, A) The keyless entry was bumped at some point, leaving it unlocked, B) Whoever was good at using a slim jim, or C) The truck unlocked itself. I am betting on C.

Tim's house is coming together wonderfully. All three main rooms upstairs are fully painted with new light fixtures up. The kitchen walls and ceilings are painted. Justin is going to come over and help me mud the last two rooms that need to be done, hopefully getting that done by the end of the week.

Be glad you are not at the Bay Bridge. Six hour delays. A truck crashed over the side of the eastbound span, with traffic alerted to go via US 13 / DE 1 up to I-95. Poor Kelly is in the backup. At least I called her to let her know.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

What have I been up to?

Fixing Tim's house. It's coming along. We are painting the upstairs bedrooms and kitchen this weekend. Kelly and Freddy are going to come over to help, so I can work more on the joint compound work downstairs. All three coats, mudded and sanded in the living room and dining room should be complete sometime around the 12th of August. Then those can be painted, along with the upstairs hallway. Then painting that weekend and staging the following week so everything is ready for the House Rewarming party.

I still am working on Capitol Hill. It's been slow down there (thank god), though we had another burglary. This time the kid kicked in the door to the back stairwell for units 3&4. The kid then knocked on the door to unit 4, and fortunately the tenant was home. The tenant got a good look at the kid when he answered the door, and gave a solid description to the police. His description of the kid matches my description from last year. Most likely the same kid coming back for more.
I also ran into one of the US Park Police officers I rode with at Dunkin Donuts. He gave me a hard time about not applying with the last process. I just was not up to it yet.

No word on the District Court Commissioner position. Still waiting. I decided to book my plane tickets for Justin and Simi's wedding in Chicago for the last Saturday of August.

My dad's new, final prescription of glasses are in. He's driving solo. He wants a new car. My parents Camry is pushing nine years old, with 150,000 miles on it. It's been reliable, but it's high mileage.

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Who's Pot is it?

From the "That's So Prince George's County" file:


Who knows? Sounds like someone did not like the mayor. Maybe the pot sent to him was from the pot plants in Rock Creek Park?

Seriously, this is very bad press for the Prince George's County police.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Some Past

Since the last post, I went up to Deep Creek for a few days, worked at Tim's house quite a bit, went to Shannon's 4th of July Party at her parents house in Eldersburg, Worked at Capitol Hill, Clipped My Parents Toenails.

First since the last post, I text messaged Ryan to ask where he gets his hair cut. He got back to me with a small barber shop along US 1 in Beltsville. I went by there, got my hair cut, went to Costco, and then my mom was ready to be picked up from the doctors. After I got home, I packed up my car, then went to Capitol Hill for work for a few hours, then I drove up to Deep Creek.

The next day I took it easy, then on Saturday Freddy and I took the Jet Skis down to Jennings Randolph Lake, which is an emergency reservoir for DC on the Potomac River, in Garrett County. It's a small lake compared to Deep Creek, but very few people use it, so it was more fun than going around Deep Creek, with the crowds of people. Then on Sunday I left to come home. My second cousin from Denmark came over for dinner. It was enjoyable. Then on Monday I packed up some clothes, went to work on Capitol Hill, then I drove to Baltimore.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I finished the last couple coats of joint compound for the front bedroom and kitchen. Thursday, the 4th, Tim and I slept in, and did a few hours of clean up to his house, then we went to Shannon's parent's 4th Of July Party. We ate crabs, hamburgers, and ice cream cake. Then Tim and I went back to Baltimore, met Kelly, and the three of us went to Adam's roof top party. Steve was there, and we decided to call Maria (last referenced back in 2004) and see what she was up to. She never answered her phone, but called me back, after the three of us left to go to PaperMoon Diner. I also got a chance to meet the kittens, though the kitten I wanted was already spoken for.

On Saturday, Dave and Jessie came by to borrow my truck to pick up the grill they bought. Shannon showed up and brought us donuts. Then the four of us went to Target to get storage boxes and Home Depot to get a dehumidifier and Round Up. Then we got back to Tim's and proceeded to make Tim clean out every room in his house. Then we moved his office and bedroom into the front bedroom. I have never seen his house so clean in my life. Shannon crashed on the couch for a few hours, Kelly and I would bring things to the basement, and Tim and Kelly would sort though everything. Tim has been reminded to never buy office supplies again. Then the four of us went out to Timbuktu in Hanover for dinner and then Tim and I went back to his house, cleaned out more, then I went back to Upper Marlboro. Sunday I worked on Capitol Hill.

Monday I worked on Capitol Hill. On Tuesday, the electrician came. He fixed the ceiling electrical box in the dining room that I broke the neutral wire off of back when Tim bought his house in October 2005. We also had him add a length of wire to the ceiling in his office for the future ceiling fan, and we found the missing electrical box for in the living room. The electrician told me that he has not seen fabric electrical tape in 25+ years, so we think there has not been a ceiling light in present in Tim's house for the past three owners. How the home inspectors for the past three owners never caught the light switch to nothing and whatnot is a mystery to me. Wednesday I went to Home Depot to get more supplies, and Wednesday night we put drywall up on the ceiling in the back bedroom. Thursday I felt sick, so I just did some random stuff around his house, such as pouring concentrated Round Up on the random Tree of Heaven (aka: Ghetto Pam) growing in his back yard.

A Prince George's County Police Officer was run over and died two weeks ago. The guy that killed him died in jail. At this point, the corrections officers have been ruled out as suspects, with his death being ruled a suicide.

Jessie Jackson wants to cut Barack Obama's nuts off. Yawn. It shows the true colors of Jessie Jackson.

Oh well. I guess that's everything. I really need to find more time to update my blog regularly.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

26 Days later

Nearly a month later, I have not heard about the District Court Commissioner position I applied for. However, Kelly got a rejection letter a few weeks ago. My guess is I am in the running and my name has been submitted to the judge.

I moved back in with my parents. I had grown really sick of the commute from La Plata to DC every day. I was wasting a lot of money on gas, to the tune of nearly $800 a month between the Ram and Accord. And buying that much gas gives terrorist nations money to do stuff. It gives evil empire corporations, such as ExxonMobil, more money to be even more evil. With what I can save in gas for four months of commuting to my current job, I can buy a 46" 120hz 1080P LCD TV. Plus the roommates started to really get on my nerves, and what really did it was I wanted to have people over to swim one day, and I was told "no you can't have your friends over, we are having a party and we don't want strangers around." That tipped the balance for me very rapidly, though I was thinking about the move for at least a month.

The lifespan on my current job has been expanded further yet. The deal fell though. Originally the last large building was supposed to change hands on about June 15th. However the purchaser, who was from Iran, had his financing fall though. So the building is up for sale again. Additionally 610 transferred to the new owners, and they have started to gut it. I ran into Melissa(the former tenant) on the street yesterday and we talked for a few minutes. It was good to see her.

I am also working part time on getting Tim's house ready to sell. We are gluing and screwing drywall to his ceilings and refinishing and repainting the walls. Tim's commute to DC has been getting him very grumpy. I don't say I blame him much at all. Hopefully he can sell the house quickly and get a new house in Rockville.

Last weekend I drove down to Clarksville VA to Shannon's parents vacation home. I ended up having to help her clean up a massive amount of mice droppings before Dan, Tricia, Tim, Sarah, Brent, Pam and Steve got there. Shannon is very mousephobic, so I cleaned out the kitchen and Lysoled the place into a storm. We ended up having to make multiple trips to Wal Mart to get supplies. On Saturday, we rented a pontoon boat. When I shifted it into neutral because I wanted to stop and figure out where on the lake we were, the boat stalled out. I could not get it restarted. We called the marina, and they came out. They left a long rope tied to the back of the boat, and it got stuck in the propeller. Fortunately we were not held responsible for that damage. Sunday it was agreed that it would be a Matt does nothing day. I woke up and everyone cooked breakfast for me. Then Dan, Tricia, Tim and I drove down to Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. I got pictures in front of the North Carolina state house, and increased my NC county count by three. This trip also increased my county count by one in Virginia. However, the good news is that Shannon's mom is going to pay me for my labor, plus pay for the gas to drive the chairs they wanted brought back in my truck. Though I wish I could have had a true vacation where I did nothing.

Later today I am going up to Deep Creek for the weekend. I am looking forward to getting some time on the jet ski and on the ski boat. It also will be a good break from the heat and humidity of DC and Baltimore. I am coming back on Sunday to see my second cousin from Denmark who is visiting DC.

Well, I am off of here. More updates to follow. :-)

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

23 hours, 45 minutes

I went to my interview on Wednesday for the District Court Commissioner position. I think it went OK, hopefully I will get it. Afterwards I went to my parents house and changed, then I went and got my dad a truck load of mulch. Trust me, it's better to buy it in bags.

Thursday I took my dad to a doctors appointment. He got cleared for his eye surgery. That's a relief to him. From there I went to work and did gardening and whatnot. We have mites of some sort plaguing the petunias. I sprayed bug spray all over the flowers.

I ended up going to Nordstrom and returning the pants and shirt I bought on Friday. The pants were the exact same color as a pair I already had. The shirt somehow stained when I washed it up. Tim also requested two pairs of pants too since they were marked down to $29.95. His pants and my pants are being shipped out soon, since the store did not have any in our sizes/colors in stock.

When I got to work on Friday, all the flowers had browned. I guess the bug spray killed the blooms or something. I was not pleased. The mites were still invading the petunias too. I went down the street to try to fix the guy's DVRs and get the new surround sound receiver installed. That ended up going so bad I went back on Saturday. Then I drove up to Kelly's house to the BBQ. Only Tim, Shannon, André and I showed up. André left early because he had a booty call, and Shannon showed up after him because she went to see Sex in the City. Everyone was hoping Ryan would show up, but since he was early car at work, the odds were not in favor of him showing up.

Saturday I ended up going to work. I ended up rewiring that guy's entire media closet. The spaghetti of wires is more manageable, and we are using twist ties to organize the wires, not ratcheting straps, so if a wire fails or needs to be changed, its easy. Afterwards I met up with Shannon at my work, we drove over to Old Town Alexandria, went to Il Porto to eat dinner, then hung out at Keith's apartment. I ended up getting home at nearly 4 AM because of the fog.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Week From Insanity

Monday: Worked on Capitol Hill. Got all the TV stuff resolved for the guy at the end of the block.
Tuesday: Worked in Upper Marlboro for some friends of my family. I took an angle grinder to the cement block wall in the basement. Ended up spreading dust all over their basement. The friend's garage floor can be ate off of. They were not as mad as I expected. Got a LG Voyager phone to replace my LG VX8300 which was dying.
Wednesday: Drylocked their wall. Cleaned up some. Went to Capitol Hill and did gardening.
Thursday: Went back to their house again to help clean up. Went to Lowe's to get supplies for the apartments. Did more gardening at work. Put down weed killer. Ryan invited me down to his family's vacation home on the Rockfish River in Nelson County VA.
Friday: Went to work. Forgot to pick up my suit from the dry cleaner before leaving for work. Swept the roof, cleaned the gutters, did gardening, trimmed a tree, cleaned off the walks. Drove 160 miles down to Nelson County in my truck. Got drunk after arriving. Met some of Ryan's friends from when he lived in the Norfolk area.
Saturday: Woke up without a hangover. Went to visit my mom's cousin, her partner, her daughter and grandkids. Drove back to Charles County to change Ram for Accord. Went to Sam's Club. Went to my parents house. Went to the family that I did the work for's BBQ, drove to Baltimore. Proceeded to set Tim's grill on fire. Spent the night there.
Sunday: Cleaned Tim's house. Went to Shoppers Food Warehouse in Forestville for groceries for my parents. Went to Home Depot for my parents. Cooked crab legs for my dad and I. Watched the HBO movie Recount. Went home.
Monday: Attempted to program my new phone. Went to Nordstrom in Pentagon City and dropped about $325 on a new pair of Kenneth Cole shoes, a new button down dress shirt, a new tie, a pair of khakis and a Tommy Bahama T-Shirt. Went to Best Buy to buy the OneRepublic CD and the new Donna Summer CD. Went to work, did gardening, cleanup, talked to Maggie, did laundry. Came home from work, cleaned my room.

I think this about sums it up. Hopefully I will have more time to elaborate on everything over the next few days.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Evil Mega Churches

My younger niece, who is 16, is attending a non denominational bible church.

Those are scary things. On top of it, she is working at Best Buy. I guess if you are going to drink the evil empire's cool-aid, you might as well do it in gulps and not sips. My mom, brother and I are very concerned about this church's influence over my niece. And after seeing what a similar type of church did to my boss, well, I have more reason to be concerned.

Saturday I worked at a fundraiser for the Angie Holtz Scholarship Fund. I enjoyed working with the people. Afterwards, Tim, Ryan, Ryan's friend Leo, and I went out to a Sports Bar in Laurel. I can't remember the name however. Things went pretty well, despite the fact that Dan, Tricia, Shannon and Kelly could not make it. Shannon got tickets to the O's game though her friend Pam, and Chris took Kelly to the O's game. Dan and Tricia backed out of going. So it was just the four and we had a good old time.

Today I installed a new ceiling fan at home. My roommates and I may have to install a new wiring box, because the existing one cannot support the weight of the fan. Ooops. From there I went up to my parents house, running by Target for groceries, Circuit City to redeem my DTV converter box coupons, and Wawa for salads.

The cashier at Circuit City did not know how to redeem the DTV cards. I was sent to customer service, I had to wait in line at customer service, behind complicated returns. Once I got to the front of the line, the customer service cashier was able to ring me up in less than a minute. I was very disappointed with their employee training. No wonder Circuit City is loosing market share to the evil Best Buy.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Can't Do It, We'll Do It Live

Bill O's little rant back in the day when he was a host of Inside Edition. Funny. It's great to see people such as him have little hissy fits.

Tonight Tim and I went to the Oriole's/National's game in Baltimore tonight. The O's won 5-3. The new high definition score board had some glitches, such as showing the Boston Red Sox logo instead of a Nationals logo for the lineup. The worst glitch was the Old Bay Crab shell game malfunctioned badly. Otherwise the game was fun. Afterwards we went to XS and had sushi.

My mom went for her MRI earlier in the day. While she was being scanned at Bowie Medical Center, I went over to my friend Janice's house. I have not seen her since 2003, around the time I won the auction on 2211. She is doing well, her son is now 17. I remember him as a eight year old. Amazing how time flies.

I am proud to see the California Supreme Court took a bold step to allow gay marriage this week. I am also proud to see Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's acceptance of the ruling. Hopefully this ruling by a relatively conservative state court system will spread to other states.

My truck's battery has been replaced. The woman that wrote up my service ticket told me her 2000 Durango has the same random windshield wiper swipes and the steering wheel radio controls seeking instead of the changing the presets. The technician told me that he thinks my truck's body control module is having intermittent failure. I plan on dropping the truck off sometime next week to have it inspected more thouroughly.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Remembering All Those Who Served Heroically

This post is to remember and honor Deputy Jason Baker of the Marion County Indiana Sheriff's Office. His end of watch was 9/17/2001.
This post is to remember and honor Corporal Steve Gaughan of the Prince George's County Police Department. His end of watch was 6/21/2005.
This post is to remember the other countless people that have served the public as police officers and have given their lives for the rest of us. May you all rest in peace.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Pleasure Reading Your For Posting

I ran off to Deep Creek Lake this past weekend.

Noteworthy: More button copy signage is disappearing. Some mileage signs along I-70 and I-68 have been replaced with reflectorized BGSes. Also along I-68, the "Watch for Maryland Wildlife" signs have been replaced with the text in black on a yellow background, opposed to the former brown on white with the old signs.

Also, Frostburg has a "Paris N. Glendenning Recreation Center". Amazing. I would have never thought that anything in Allegany County would be named after him.

The DC area flooded while I was gone. Oh well. Apparently there was over 5" of rain at Andrews AFB in the past 24 hours. My parents said they had trouble sleeping due to the wind driven rain hitting their house all night. US 301 was closed at Western Branch. Just a total mess. My trip home from Garrett County was uneventful. Thank god.

My prediction for the West Virginia primary tomorrow is Clinton 59%, Obama 41%.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


At least my throat infection is getting better.

At work today, I did some gardening, tried to figure out why the sound was not working at that guy's house where I installed the TV yesterday, cleaned up some dead baby birds, bugged Verizon about the low hanging wire in the yard, replaced seats, springs and stems for a faucet and did some vacuuming.

On the way to the hardware store, when I walked by the Eastern Market Metro station, I heard this guy spewing off religious nut job stuff over an amplified megaphone. So I dialed 411 and tried to get the number for the US Park Police. The wonderful Verzion 411 person put me through to the Kennedy Center Security desk. So I had to call my brother and have him look up the number. I hope the USPP came by, because he kept spewing off "A doe, a deer, a female deer" and "bird, bird, bird, bird is a word", which now reminds me of the scene from Pink Flamingos where a contortionist who "lip syncs" the song with his exposed anus. Thank you John Watters for ruining this song.

This will probably be my last post until I get back from Western Maryland on Monday May 12th. See you all then!

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Presumptive Nominee

I think Barack Obama has done it. Yesterday's overwhelming 14 point victory in North Carolina for Obama, coupled with Clinton's slim two point victory in Indiana has tipped the scales very heavy for Obama. Granted, I expected Obama to win Indiana roughly by four, however, the places where he had to do well, such as Marion and Lake Counties, he did not perform as needed to swing the whole state. However, the fact he came so close, when people were predicting a Clinton blow out, suggests that he is gaining momentum again.

Yesterday I went to the doctor, found out I have a throat infection, and was put on penicillin four times a day for a week. I am starting to feel better. Afterwards I went to work, installing a flat screen TV for one of the neighbors. He's much more happy with his new 40" Toshiba 1080P LCD over his old 30" Gateway 720P LCD. The old one had major ghosting issues.

My parents neighbor suggested that I write a letter to the new CEO of Chrysler Group, with photocopied service records, complaining that I want them to find the problem with the truck. It's worth a shot. I'm getting frustrated with the truck, that's for sure.

I bid everyone a good day

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Monday, May 05, 2008

What happens in Williams Arizona?

Congratulations to Kristin and Justin. Kristin is pregnant again. She right now has a nine month old in the house. That will put the two siblings about eighteen months apart. My brother and sister are eighteen months apart. So are Robin's two kids. So are (another/different from the one at the party) Jessie's two kids. All have said it's nuts doing that.

Today at work I ran into one of the tenants at the building the church ended up with. I told her about the job opportunities I am looking into, and I asked her if she was hiring anyone. It ends up she is looking for Summer interns, with pay ranging from $35/hr to $50/hr. I e-mailed her my resumé when I got home from work tonight. At work I mowed the grass, cleaned the area ways, did gardening and adjusted a lock. The trash has not been picked up since last week, the cans are overflowing and stink. I called the management company to know their garbage contractors are not doing their jobs.

Today I also noticed in my sent text message file that someone texted K9 John at 12:30 AM on Saturday, in the middle of the party. Fantastic. You bad pranksters sent a text message to a land line, which of course does not go though.

Kelly had her sit in with the District Court Commissioners today. She said she thinks she can handle the job. While I need the job more than she does, if they hire more than one, it would be nice if both of us were chosen.

I spoke with the mechanic that worked on my truck at the auto electric shop. They said the battery was bad. I mentioned all the strange electrical problems it has had, the fact that this is the THIRD battery since the truck was new in May 2004. He checked the voltage regulator, the alternator, and some other accessories, and everything turned up normal. I am guessing I will be selling the damn thing to Carmax or something once I find a new job, because these gremlins are driving me up the wall.

When I got home from work, in addition to sending the resumé, I helped uncover the pool with my roommates. After doing that once, I probably would never want a swimming pool, unless I can pay someone else to do all the work. I like to keep homeownership simple.

Prediction for tomorrow with the North Carolina and Indiana Primaries:
North Carolina: Obama 58%, Clinton 42%
Indiana: Obama 51%, Clinton 49%

I bid everyone a good night, I go to the doctors tomorrow to get this sinus infection taken care of.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

It's My Party, and I can, oh Nevermind

Friday afternoon I did a phone interview with Northrop Grumman. While the position is not exactly what I am looking for, I decided to throw my hat in the ring. I still hope to get the District Court Commissioner position, since that would be more pay, keep me local, and get me closer to a career in police work.

Friday night was my birthday party. An extra special thanks to Tim for hosting it. Of course a special thanks to Freddy, Shannon, Shawon, Dave, Jessie, Steve, Adam, Kelly, Rick, Tricia, Dan, Tara, Justin, André, Tatyana, and Chad for showing up. We had great food, Tim's iPod on shuffle, lots of stories about me from high school (Justin and Tara) and college (Shawon) to entertain everyone. Jessie gets the quote of the night about the Tofukey sausages I got a Trader Joe's, along the lines of "They are the sausage equivalent of a dildo." At 11:30 PM or so, we had a campaign toast and served the ice cream cake. I proceeded to get even more plastered until I opened presents around 2:00 AM or so. I received a friendship book, E=MC2 by Mariah Carey, Blackout by Britney Spears, two copies of The Smurfs Season 1 on DVD, an iPod dock, a deck of playing cards, a Swiss Army type tool. Some other presents ordered by other people are on the way to my PO Box. Around 3:00 AM, I was sent to bed because, well, the party was coming to an end. Shannon, Freddy and Rick spent the night.

I woke up the next morning throwing up. And kept throwing up from about 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM or so. Finally after my stomach settled down, I felt it was safe to leave Tim's house. Freddy drove me back to my parents house and went home with the Accord. Chris then brought my parents Chinese food, which helped settle my stomach. I ended up catching a nap from about 7 PM until 10 PM, then got ready for my ride along.

OK here is the short of the long of it, community relations with the Prince George's County Police have come light years along since 1999 when I last rode with them. The level of respect that the citizens showed the officer I rode with amazed me, considering he was a white guy. In the past, there was quite a lot of tension between police and citizens, which I witnessed quite a bit on my ride alongs with the department. I rode along in District III, which is Palmer Park, and specifically was in the "H" sector, which was roughly bordered by Southern Ave on the West, Suitland Parkway on the South, Central Ave on the North and the Beltway on the East. Areas included District Heights, Capitol Heights, Suitland, Forestville and Boulevard Heights. We responded to three noise complaints, a hit and run, two shootings, did a traffic stop and gave some hookers a good scare. While en route to one of the shootings, we went though a red light camera intersection with our lights and siren on. This led to my favorite quote of the night by the officer, on the radio, with dispatch. "Had a Kodak moment at Donnell and the Pike on priority". The second noteworthy event of the night was when we pulled the traffic stop. We clocked a Zipcar doing 53 in a 35 on Ritchie Road. The guy had his children at a movie until nearly 2 AM. That raised the eyebrows of two other officers. The third noteworthy event of the night was with a woman walking along Southern Avenue with her two children at 2:30 AM. She was emotionally distressed, and the officer calmly asked her questions about her welfare despite her agitated state. She claimed she was coming home from work and just picked the kids up from a family member's house, and she lived about two blocks away. The fourth noteworthy event of the night was when we rolled up on some hookers in Suitland across from the Census Bureau. Both were white women, born in 1962. One looked to be about 80 years old, the other one looked to be in her late 40s. The one in her late 40s was strung out, and when the officer asked if she was on anything, she told him she had just smoked a rock. While giving her a field interrogation, she tried to flash the officers on the scene. However, due to her very point blank honesty and cooperation, we ended up sending both on their way with a stern warning to leave the area. The final noteworthy event of the night was the second shooting, however other officers on the scene had the incident under control. At this point it was 4:30 AM and the officer and I both concluded that this would be a good time to part ways. I got back to my parents house around 5 AM, my dad was up watching TV, I ended up going to bed until 9 AM or so.

I woke up around 9 AM, my dad cooked me breakfast. Afterwards we tried to go get free mulch from the County, however the facility was closed. There was a stray dog walking around. She tried to follow my truck, so I got out and tried to bate her over. However she ran away. Poor dog, she definitely looked like she had been dumped there by a heartless owner. We then went to Dunkin Dounuts, to get coffee and donuts. Then I did random chores around their house. My brother came by, met me, we took the truck to the electrical mechanic in Upper Marlboro and dropped it off, and he ran me home. When I got home I proceeded to take a hour long nap. Afterwards I ate some dinner, watched some TV, and sent out a couple copies of my resumé before starting to write this post.

I bid everyone a good night and good luck.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

My Truck is Posessed by Evil Demonic Forces

Well, lets see: The steering wheel radio controls, when I hit preset instead seek. Occasionally when I hit the keyless entry to unlock, the windshield wipers sweep. Occasionally, when listening to the CD player, and hitting the gas, the windshield wipers come on. The ABS computer self destructed. The seat heaters don't work properly. The FM radio randomly picks up stations from Alabama, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Vermont instead of local stations. Now, the truck wont crank over every time. Last night, when I tried to start it, the headlights, windshield wipers and seat heaters came on, despite the switches being set to off, yet the truck would not turn over. Chrysler wonders why they are loosing market share. Need I say more?

The DC madam, Deborah Palfrey, committed suicide yesterday. She was visiting her mom in Tarpon Springs Florida, when she apparently hung herself in the shed. Poor woman, I actually feel sorry for her. And for her age, she was extremely attractive and very well spoken. I don't think what she was doing was a drain on society, despite being against the law. May she rest in peace.

This morning, I took my mom to the eye doctors. When she was called to go into the exam room, she collapsed onto the floor. The doctor checked her vital signs and her blood pressure and pulse were high. She needs to get that looked into. At least her vision is still 20/20.

Tonight is my birthday party at Tim's house in Baltimore. I'm excited, it looks like we are going to get between 20 and 25 people tonight.

The District Court Commissioners Office has scheduled an interview for me later in May. I'm excited.

I am off of here until tomorrow. Have a good one.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sitting in

Yesterday, the chemist Albert Hofmann died yesterday at the age 102. What was his claim to fame? He was the scientist that discovered LSD. Well, at least he got to see one more Bicycle Day on April 19th. So lets all remember the man that brought us technocolored sky to the masses.

Yesterday at work I mowed the grass and did the usual keeping the properties kept up. Nothing too special. I was complemented on the flowers by a passer by on the street. I always enjoy that.

Yesterday evening was my sit in with the District Court Commissioner's office. It seems like a pretty good gig. You deal with the public and prisoners though bullet proof glass, which is good for the safety of the employees. All the Commissioners I met yesterday enjoyed their position. Being a District Court Commissioner would be an excellent preparation for being a Police Officer or State Trooper. Plus the pay, at nearly $44,000 a year to start, plus shift differential and overtime, is a very livable salary. I'm going to pursue this farther

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

I am now officially 28 years old.

Saturday night, My parents, my brother, my sister, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's son, one of my nieces, Tim, Kelly and I went to Green Field Churrascaria in Rockville for dinner. I blame André for my love of Brazilian BBQ now. After a very filling dinner of meat, the servers came out singing "Happy Birthday" in Portuguese with a slice of plain cheesecake. At dinner I could not stop talking about my ride along with US Park Police the night before. My parents both commented my shifting has got significantly smoother since they last rode in the car. It just took time for me to get used to working a manual transmission after not having once since 2003, when the Mazda died.

Sunday was my roommate Julie's birthday. We celebrated by making BBQ Chicken, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli, potato salad and baked beans. Afterwards we celebrated with an ice cream cake from Caravel. So yummy, so fattening. Earlier in the day I attempted to take my dad to get free mulch from Prince George's County. However they ran out as we pulled up. I took Dundee up the road with me to my parents house and I took him for a walk to the neighbor's house where there is a flock of sheep. He knew what they were when he heard them bah. He is supposed to be bred from working Australian Shepherd lines. I would really like to teach him how to work as a shepherding dog, but my roommate that owns him is opposed to doing that. Oh well.

For my birthday, I took it easy and went into hiding. Well, not exactly. I called the Commissioner's Office to schedule my sit in. Then my power went out around 2:30 PM. I ended up meeting up with Shannon at St. Charles Towne Center. I bought a new shirt at Aeropostale, some Watermelon margarita mix at Kohls. I picked up my contact lens order from Sams Club, and then we hit Circuit City. Shannon bought me a copy of Edward Scissorhands on Blu Ray for my birthday. Then we went by my brother's house to pick up my mail. Rusty and Trouble got Shannon's shirt full of cat hair (mostly Rusty). Then I dropped Shannon off at her car and I returned home. My roommates made steak and potato along with some left overs for my birthday dinner. At least the power came back on by 6:30. My roommates got me Cooking Mama Cook Off for my Wii, got me Juno and Independence Day on Blu Ray, Purple Rain on HD-DVD, a pair of Xbox sleep pants and a tshirt. I know I am getting more swag from my friends on Friday at my birthday party at Tim's house. My parents are getting me something too, I just need to get them the information from my Amazon.com wish list.

I am working on scheduling a ride along with the Prince George's County police. Even though the idea of doing Prince George's County police is not really appealing, I am running out of options on many fronts. At least the pay is reasonable and I'd get a take home car for use in the County. In many ways I feel like my world is shrinking, due to my parents deteriorating health. I have to stay close to make sure they are taken care of. I just hope they realize how much of a sacrifice I am making to keep them comfortable.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Should I Really be Doing This?

On Thursday at work, one of the tenants complained to me that I was making their building too nice. I guess since that building is under contract and going to settlement in early June, I should have scaled back the flowers a little bit. However, all the neighbors appreciated that I was making the building look as nice as I did last year. The grass is perfect, the flowers are looking great, and everything is clean and neat outside. I take pride in how the buildings I maintain are kept, both from a superficial standpoint (flowers, grass, clean common areas) and a mechanical standpoint (no leaking faucets, things installed properly, no roof leaks, no peeling paint). The care I put forth shows and is truly appreciated by our tenants and all around us.

Also on Thursday, my sister called me, spent over two hours on the phone with me discussing my Resume. She asked about my duties at each job I worked at. I think she is starting from scratch because my Resume looked like a college English project (it was).

On Friday, I took the day off of work. I scheduled my ride along with the US Park Police for 6 PM through 2 AM. I also mailed my paperwork back to the District Court, went to Target to get some groceries and health care products, got the Accord washed and cleaned out, and some laundry. I arrived at the US Park Police D-1 Substation at 5:45, got to watch roll call. My first impression of their officers were that they were very proud of their jobs, to help people, but not to the point they feel the urge to over power people that are honest with them. They may not have a flashy take home car program, or fancy computers in their cars. They just do their patrol duties in a more pure, old school way. I was extremely impressed, to the point I thought... "Why would I ever want to be a Trooper?" That question goes a lot deeper, but I think if I had done this ride along back in late 2005, I would have chosen the US Park Police ahead of Maryland State Police, not in a heartbeat, but with a lot of thinking things over. Hopefully when I apply, I will have better luck. In the end, things might after all work out for the better.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Counting on a Wing and a Prayer

The weather today was very very nice. So nice my allergies kicked into overdrive. Oh well, so is spring. At work I did gardening, sprayed for weeds and bugs, and went on the roof to investigate where the leaks could be.

Today I turned in an application to be a District Court Commissioner. The pay starts in the mid 40K range. A perfectly acceptable salary. I also picked up, and dropped off a ride along form for US Park Police. My sister rounded up a list of jobs with Northrop Grumman I can qualify for. Loosing my job in 6-7 weeks has been a unnerving process for me, that's for sure. But at least I know I am not the only other person looking for a job. André suddenly lost his job last week and has been frantically searching for one too.

Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania. No shock there. The 10% win was slightly higher than I expected (6%-8% was my prediction) What was surprising was the fact that Barrack Obama carried Dauphin, Lancaster, and Union Counties. Dauphin County has a +10 Republican registration advantage. Lancaster PA has the largest concentration of Puerto Ricans by percentage outside Puerto Rico. Union County just leaves my head scratching. Spill over from neighboring Centre County (where Penn State is located)? Any thoughts?

My birthday party is coming up on May 2nd. As usual, K9 John won't be able to make it. For some reason the idea of putting K9 John, Tara, Shawon, André, Shannon and Tim all in the same place at the same time seems like a John Waters movie in the making. Actually my life in a lot of ways is like a bad John Waters movie. At least there have been no chickens harmed in the living of my life.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Don't ever go looking at eBay

Don't ever go looking at eBay, it may make you depressed


Yes, this is almost the car I *wanted* when I bought my Accord. By the time I was ready to buy, the dealership was only able to locate two 2007 Passats with a manual trans with package 2. One was in Illinois and it had all sorts of boy racer bodywork stuff done to it, inflating the window sticker past $35,000. The other one was in Washington state and had Navigation, Dynamo Audio, Xenon headlights, and all sorts of other luxuries that zoomed that price to over $36,000 sticker. I really could not afford either. What I wanted was a strict Package 2 with rear seat side airbags, which stickered for roughly $28,000. If I had been able to buy a month earlier, I probably could have got what I wanted. The 2008 models could not be ordered with a sunroof, which gave me the go ahead to look closer at the Accord, which is what I ended up with.

The other thing I did today was lay in bed in extreme pain. I must have pulled a chest muscle pretty bad because I felt like I was having a heart attack. After talking to André, his opinion was that I pulled a muscle. That's a relief.

Yesterday I went and got my eyes examined. My prescription improved, to -2.25 from -2.50. I ordered a years worth of contact lenses. If I squint, without my contacts in, I can read the 20/100 line, which is required to get a federal law enforcement job. I also bought a pair of non prescription sunglasses, which came in handy after my eyes were dilated and I looked like a Japanese cartoon characters' eyes. Afterwards I went to work and did gardening at both the main buildings, making them look good for open house tours.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Forget the Pope, I saw Cobert

The pope is visiting Washington DC right now. Blah, I really could care less.

Instead, Dan, Tricia, Shannon and I went to Philadelphia on Monday to a taping of the Colbert Report. Shannon scored free tickets online. We drove up in my Accord, had lunch at Abner's Cheesesteaks. Lunch was very good, though if we had gone to the gentleman's club in the basement, we could have got the same lunch for free. At 5:00, we got admitted to the taping, which started at 7:00. He interviewed Mayor Nutter and Chris Matthews. I was about six rows back, stage left. Kelly TiVo'ed it, I need to ride up to Burtonsville to watch it. It was exciting to watch a TV show being taped, though I think I would have preferred to have been there for Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton. But this was his first taping outside of his studio in New York. The University of Pennsylvania campus where the filming took place was amazing. It reminded me of a good cross between the University of Baltimore and the University of Maryland College Park. The ride back was peaceful too. $20 for parking, $19 for tolls, and 32 MPG average for the Accord. Plus I finally got to clinch I-495 in Delaware, completing all interstate mileage in Delaware.

Rewind to Sunday. I volunteered at the Comcast Center at the University of Maryland College Park working a concessions stand for my high school reunion committee. However, the event on Sunday was the Capital Classic, a basketball tournament. Turnout was extremely low, which will have cut back on the profit our reunion committee will make. Oh well, but it was a good time, and it gave me a chance to see some friends from high school.

Well, good night friends.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I guess I am back to claim what IS mine

Well well well, look what Cthuhlu drug back into the world of blogging. Little ol' me.

I guess everyone is wondering what happened to me. Did I get into the Maryland State Police? Who did I support for Maryland Gov? The presidential primary?

Lets flash back to May 2006 for a moment. My brand new 20" Sony LCD TV did a face plant in my bedroom. I was devastated because the damn thing cost me roughly $500. Later that evening I was on the treadmill at the gym, runing at 7.2 MPH. About 15 minutes into my 25 minute run, I misplanted my left foot, causing me to fly off the treadmill and bust my ankle bad. This happened precisely at midnight. Fortunately my personal trainer was there, watching the NBA finals. He was able to render first aid. Later that day, I went to get it checked and ended up with a very severe sprain. My ankle looked like a red tennis ball. The doctor told me that I would have been better off if I had just broke it.

On Friday of that week, I had my physical with the MSP doctor. That seemed to go well, and he was hoping for a quick recovery on the ankle.

Then the following Monday, all hell broke loose on that end. I had my first polygraph. That did not go very well. Some issues were dug up that really should not have been issues, but since they were issues in my mind, I failed on some questions. The polygrapher worked to get to the bottom of what was bothering me and it ended up to not be that big of a deal, it would just require a second polygraph. However this held me over by a couple hours. My psychological scheduled for 12:30 in Towson. At 1:45, I was just leaving the MSP barracks in Glen Burnie. Not good. The polygrapher called recruiting and I called recruiting. I burned rubber to get to Towson. I did my psych. Despite being over two hours late, I thought everything went well. The following Tuesday I got invited back for a second polygraph. I passed this one. I thought everything was in the clear. Well, I noticed that no one was being interviewed or contacted from my background booklet. Then I got the letter. I was given a lifetime disqualification from employment with the Maryland State Police and my conditional offer of employment was withdrawn. After doing some checking around, I found out that I failed my psychological. I was labeled "socially awkward", "a high risk for domestic violence", "high risk for substance abuse", "would be habitually late for work" among other derogatory statements. Before going to the psychological I had my ass torn apart by the polygrapher, so I was not on my best. He held me late. That was not my fault. It is not my fault that my dad was abusive towards me. It is not my fault that I have had two cousins that have been in and out of rehab. Yet so much was used against me to paint a picture of someone that would be an chronically late, unstable person. I was devastated. Even today, almost two years later, I am still devastated. Many people that have read the report wondered where some of these profound conclusions came from. I have no answer for them.

Things kept getting worse. In June 2006, my truck was hit for a second time, same front right corner, because someone decided to run the shoulder of the entrance ramp and thought that I was going to let him in. I did not even notice that Toyota Corolla next to me and all the sudden I feel my truck get jammed between this Corolla and the left curb of the highway entrance. The driver was not cited by DC Police, but got a stern lecture. His insurance ended up picking up the tab for the accident, however I had to live with the scars for nearly two months while this mess was sorted out.

Then once I finally got the truck to the body shop, I was issued a Ford Five Hundred as a rental car. I was on my way over to Rich's house in Arlington one evening. I was heading down a long hill on the highway near my house. I misread the speedometer and got clocked going 71 in a 50 MPH zone. The State Trooper that pulled me over was the most mechanical person that I have ever encountered. He wrote me for all 21 over, despite having a clean driving record by the computers eyes and the fact I was driving a rental car. I went to court, received probation before judgement in lieu of points, 16 hours of community service, and the full fine, court costs, and community service costs. I was disappointed in myself for making such a stupid mistake, but I was also disappointed that the Trooper showed very little mercy considering this was not my regular vehicle. At least after completing my probation before judgement, the ticket is completely gone from my driving record and it cannot be used against me for insurance purposes.

As the 2006 election season came upon us I had a choice that I was not happy to make. I could vote for Bob Ehrlich, a moderate Republican that started out to take over Annapolis. While I was extremely dissatisfied with his first two years, his second two years seemed to be tempered by reason and restraint. However, would he be emboldened by a reelection and turn into a second coming of Mitt Romney? Or I could vote for Martin O'Malley, the mayor of Baltimore City. As many long time readers of this blog are aware, I was very dissatisfied with his performance in regards to housing issues and I had a major bone to pick.

I picked the neither of the two choices. I voted for Ed Boyd, the Green Party candidate, despite the Green Party's view on the ICC. I also supported Ben Cardin in the Dem primary for US Senate, because the idea of Kweisi Mfume as one of Maryland's senators scared the living daylight out of me. I was disappointed that in Charles County every opposed Republican lost, which left our county government without a balance. Especially worrisome was the loss of Sheriff Fred Davis to Rex Coffey, who is a very sketchy character.

As the disaster of 2006 closed and 2007 began, my truck started to fall apart. The iPod dock stopped working. My drivers door handle jammed. The steering wheel radio controls started to do crazy things. The heated seats died. The rear differential had to be rebuilt. The ABS computer self destructed. Many of these things were not covered by the Chrysler backed extended warranty that I was sold when I bought the truck. In October 2007, after having the ABS computer go bad, I ended up buying a 2008 Honda Accord EX with leather. I picked the 4 cylinder with a manual transmission, because I have always wanted a stick shift car. I got a good price ($400 over invoice) on it considering this was a new design of a popular car. I kept the Ram for my business, driving it back and forth to work, while driving the Accord for "pleasure use".

In January 2007, the owner of the buildings where I work died. The trustee who had become strangely religious over the past few years, had convinced the owner to leave one building to his church. Well, some issues between him and the church lead to him attempting suicide and his mom taking him to her home away from the DC area.

In March of 2007, some of my friends made some very poor decisions during a weekend getaway at Deep Creek Lake. I will not elaborate, but it has put a lot of strain on long time friendships, some of which have gone back over ten years.

At least in December 2007, I went hunting and got a rather large doe as my first kill. I was very proud of myself. However I was not proud of the Maryland legislature increasing taxes as much as they have. This, along with Martin O'Malley's fetish for bringing photo radar to Maryland, has left a very bad taste in my mouth. I had suspected back in 2006 he was going to be bad, but never *this* bad. There is no way I will ever vote for him after his first term as Gov. There are two types of Democrats. One type wants to help people be their very best, protect them against anti people business practices and whatnot. And then there is the type of Democrat that likes to protect the people from themselves. Martin O'Malley is the second type. And that's the dangerous type that leads me to dabble on the red side.

As far as the Presidential election, I initially was supporting Bill Richardson. I believed that he was the best qualified candidate, along with having the ability to bring a change of direction and the ability to work with all sides to bring about political and global peace. However, after he dropped out, I turned my support to Barack Obama. I have a strong dislike for Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that I liked Bill Clinton when he was president. If she ends up the nominee, I most likely will vote for John McCain, despite the fact that he is psycho hawkish about the Iraq War.

At least as I come up on the middle of April 2008, I know changes are in the wind. My job will be ending soon and I am already looking for work. I know by this time next year we will have a new President. And I know that the earth will turn in a period of 24 hours per day, 365.25 days a year. The more that things change, the more things stay the same.

Sorry about two years of absence. I'm back.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

MSP Oral Boards and I am Charles County

I did my MSP oral boards this past week. Word on the street is I did very good on them. The background investigator has started to process my book. My hope is to be in the late June starting academy class.

And for your pleasure:

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Charles County
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